What does Wellness of the mind look like?


When someone is positively well-being they are also experiencing a few other things. It involves a sense of self-fulfillment, which is the feeling of being happy and satisfied because one is doing something that fully uses your abilities and talents (Merriam-Webster). The feeling of having a purpose in life and connection with others are also contributors to the idea of well-being.[7] When people feel as though they have a [purpose] in the world they feel like they belong; they feel like they matter.

What you put in your mind affects your body


Discover the truth about how your mind affects your body, how your body affects your brain, and what you can do to keep the whole brilliant system working to your advantage.


So we know that a tendency toward negative thinking can activate the stress response and trigger illness.  But you don’t just have to think bad thoughts to trigger this stress response. Your mind-and-brain function also is influenced by what happens in your body. Every other input into your world  can trigger that same response. Unfortunately, conventional medicine mostly ignores these connections.

Can altering your physical state in some way affect your mental state?