Yvonne Dreptate
Certified Holistic Hypnotist  Synergistic Kinesiologist
Reiki Master 
Theological Counselor

Quantum Healing Hypnosis Practitioner

Licensed Massage Therapist​



Yvonne  began her healing practice twenty years ago, after embarking on her own amazing journey of transformation and healing. She  was overworked and overstressed; caught up in the high paced world. Seeing the toll it took on her life and the impact that overworking the body and spirit had on her physical health and interpersonal relationships, she decided to find a solution.

After researching many avenues,She fell in love with QHHT , immediately noticing how much better it made her feel. She  began to learn the depth  of holistic healing and the power of relaxation. She decided to leave stress behind and live a life that encouraged others to treat their souls to peace and happiness.

After much learning and personal growth, Yvonne decided to open her own healing practice.​ Her understanding of physical and spiritual healing has made Yvonne unique.



Austin Massage and Hypnotherapy